Mondays with Mel: Researching My Cousin The Lion


Good Monday Melvians! I hope my readers are well today. I have been spending most of the past few days doing some research on my bigger cousin, the lion. It’s has been rather informative, for my humans at least. I already know everything.

I wasn’t too surprised to read that the reason why I like to be loud at night is because lions are nocturnal and they hunt at night. I don’t hunt because I’m an indoor kitty so I must do the only thing I can do, race up and down the stairs and sing the song of my people. I do hope that because the humans are now aware of this, they will be less likely to get mad at me. One can only hope.

Another similarity is our love for meat. It states that cats, whether large or small need meat. There is some scientific reasonings behind it that my human mother understands but I’m over here like “just give me meat and don’t explain to me why I need it!” It’s like when my human mother asks my human father a question and he gives the longest answer known to man. Summarize, dear human. He’s full of a lot of knowledge, some pointless.

I was bummed to know there’s just a small difference between us that prevents me from roaring. It’s all about how our larynx is attached. Pumas do purr but according to my research, it’s sounds like a freight train. I think it would be cool to roar. Though I don’t think I’d be super terrifying. I try to have a rough exterior but I think the blue bow tie I have makes me look soft. Maybe I should accidentally on purpose lose it again.

I wonder what lions would do if they had to wear collars. I imagine they wouldn’t like it. I wonder if they would like cat nip. Or lion nip in this case. Since we are cousins, I think they would like it. A cat my human mother had growing up would turn into a very crazy cat when she would have nip. Can you imagine a lion on cat nip?

I would like to meet an actual lion. Or a whole bunch of them. I’d like to befriend them and have them join me in my quest for world domination. I think I’d have more “street cred” if I had a whole pride of lions in the Mel minion group.

During my research, I discovered that lions live in prides but tigers are solitary. I’m like tigers sometimes. I like to be alone and only interact with Madison and Jaden when I’ve come up with a plot to annoy the humans. But sometimes, I like to curl up with my human mother and purr. I guess I’m like a house lion with tiger tendencies.

I think I’m going to channel my inner tiger and go nap on the bed. Not the bed my humans bought for me, but their bed. I’m complicated like that.

For those who celebrate the holiday of Thanksgiving, may your turkey be tasty, your mashed potatoes be without lumps, and your pumpkin pie be perfect. Humans, I hope you share your turkey with your furry ones. After all, as the scientist have researched and stated, us house lions need meat. And furry ones, if your humans deny you the tastiness of the turkey, Google scientific reasons why you need meat and show it to them. Purrhaps that shall work. If not, you let me know and I will use the Force on them.

Until next time Melvians…

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