Operation Kaleidescope ’16 Has Begun: Obama to Ban This in Support of Muslims


President Obama is seeking to ban bacon in the United States as one of his policies in his last 18 months in office.

It’s all part of his Operation Kaleidoscope ’16  plan to remove guns from God fearing Texans and ensure the road from Mexico to the US stays clear of any obstacles.

He’s already muzzled Arizona by having the justice department take care of true American patriot Joe Arpaio with sanctions that no longer allow him to do his job as a legally elected law enforcement official in the United States.

According to reports, the banning of bacon is the first step toward the muslimifcation of the America by Obama and his supporters.

According to reports, pigs will be shipped to Cuba and other communist countries in accordance with soon to be signed treaties opening full trade with China, Russia and other nations in exchange for the valuable food source.

Farmers will have no choice but to comply or be taken into custody by federal authorities and placed in government camps for reeducation, according to government sources speaking on the condition if anonymity out of fear they will be placed in reeducation camps as well.


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