Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Makes Bombshell Announcement


Dale, Jr. has just come forward with a bombshell announcement, and you will not believe what he is about to do. The veteran racer surprised even those closest to him with this major announcement.

According to reports, as a NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. has suffered from serious concussions. Not only that, but he has seen many other athletes suffer from them as well. A couple of days ago Sports Illustrated tweeted that three of the Oakland Raider’s made the decision to donate their brains to the “Concussion Legacy Foundation”. The foundations mission is to “elevate the understanding of the causes of chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE, the disease being linked to repeated blows to the head.”

After reading the tweets Earnhardt decided to make an announcement for all of his fans on his personal Twitter account! He made the decision to donate his brain to the “Concussion Legacy Foundation” as well. As many of you know the driver suffered a SEVERE concussion in April 2002 and after that several others. Of course, he hasn’t shown any signs of long term effects from the concussions, but I love that he has made the decision to donate!

His brain isn’t the only thing that Earnhardt is donating though…he truly understands the importance of organ donation and he is giving it all when he dies! This is such an amazing way to raise organ donation awareness! It’s so emotional to hear him talk about dying, but it’s so beautiful at the same time!




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