Mondays With Mel– Mel Has An Announcement


By Mel The Cat Columnist

Grrrrrreetings Melvians! I hope you’re all well. I am happy because the sun has been out the past few days. I like the sun. It keeps me warm. I think I might be solar powered or something. Or some sort of super hero powered by the sun. Super Mel, complete with the ability to be both annoying and cute at the same time! Meow meow meow meeeeoooowww!

As most of you know, at Christmas time I was rather bummed when the humans bought an inflatable dog that looked like Madison and not a kitty one that looked like me. I dreamed about shredding the thing but didn’t due to the cold temperatures outside. I heard them saying they wished there was a cat one which helped some. I was slightly happier when I saw a Christmas ornament that looked like me.

Last week, my human father and the little human went to the Lego store at the mall. I normally don’t like Legos but I was very excited when the little human showed me two new Legos be bought. He built one that looks like Johnny Cash and said he “adopted” this kitty and guess who he looks like?!?! ME! Ha! I was so excited! It’s no inflatable life like version of me but it will work!

I didn’t think my day could get any better then he came over with a magnet and told me he found this at the store. It was a kitty that looks a lot like me and it says “Life is better with a cat!” No truer words have even been written or spoken! It’s nice to see that my attempts at being a nicer kitty are paying off.

Speaking of being a nice kitty, I’d like to report something that rarely happens in this house. I, Mel the Cat, international cat of mystery and shenanigans, was the only living being in this household that did not get in trouble with my human mother last Friday! Can you believe it?!?! My human mother said she needed to mark that on get calendar! I got an extra treat! Jaden was always the one who stayed out of trouble and now I see why! She always got an extra treat. She liked being rewarded and it makes sense to me now. Purrhaps I will try a little harder now. Maybe Madison and I can have a competition to see whose treat jar will go empty first…

I’m going to go discuss the challenge with her and then take a nap. I just need to make sure I nap somewhere where it is not frowned upon. Like my bed. Or Madison’s bed.

Until next time Melvians…

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