Country Music Star Dead at 77

bonnie brown

A member of Nashville’s  royalty has passed after a brief illness, the same illness that took her famous brother only about a year ago. These family singers have a lasting home on the solid gold charts including crossover hits and country hits you’re sure to remember.

According to reports, Country singer Bonnie Brown has passed away at the age of 77.

She announced last year that she had been diagnosed with stage four adenocarcinoma right lung cancer.

Her brother, Jim Ed Brown, died from cancer in June 2015 before the siblings could be inducted into the Hall of Fame in October.

Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum CEO Kyle Young released the following statement about the passing of Bonnie Brown:

When Bonnie Brown joined her brother, Jim Ed, and her sister, Maxine, in song, the siblings created an incomparable harmony: the smoothest and most elegant blend in country music. Bonnie offered harmony offstage as well. She brought people together with regal grace and kindness. She lived a remarkable life, singing on grand stages, raising a beloved family, entering the Country Music Hall of Fame, and breaking up with young Elvis Presley because he was, she said, a lousy kisser. Today, she is reunited with Jim Ed, and with her husband of 56 years, Brownie Ring.”

The Browns, which included Jim Ed, Bonnie and Maxine Brown, had a huge crossover hit with their version of “The Three Bells” in 1959, as well as top country songs like “I Take the Chance” and “I Heard the Bluebirds Sing.”


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