Make It Shine Day Set for April 8; Many Reasons for Keeping Weston Clean

Weston Water Fall

Photo by John Clise 

Submitted by Mayor Julia Spelsberg

For the tenth year, the City of Weston, its Street Department, and a team of volunteers will be working to “Make Weston Shine” next month. The cleanup day will be Saturday, April 8. However, the Weston Street Department will be hauling debris for residents in the week before. Residents are reminded that one must make a reservation for hauling of trash before April 3 through April 7 by calling the Weston City Building at 304-269-6141. There are limitations to what can be hauled and the City can explain that when calling.

“Keeping Weston clean and neat is important for all of us,” said City Manager Kristin Droppleman. “When we created a City Comprehensive Plan several years ago residents were concerned about Weston’s appearance, most notably dilapidated buildings, and to some extent trash. Between our annual cleanups and the work of our Better Buildings Committee, we are being proactive in this area.”

In the past, the Weston Planning Commission has applied for grants from the WV Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to obtain garbage cans and dog stations for Weston. The DEP also provides garbage bags and gloves during the Annual Make It Shine Day. DEP will again be helping Weston this year on Make It Shine Day.

These are the ways in which to keep Weston clean but some may be thinking, why make the effort? There are many advantages for keeping a city clean and green. The following are some reasons to encourage residents to keep Weston clean, especially around their homes. With free hauling away of trash, there is no reason for trash to continue around a residence. Some reasons for cleaning are as follows:

* Tourism increases the economy of an area and Lewis County has benefited greatly from it. Tourists are attracted to those areas with a rich history. If a city is littered and trashy, this will give a bad impression of the area discourage tourists. This will also affect economic activities. Keeping a city clean will attract more and more people.

* Good hygiene will help a person stay healthy and fit and thus will provide a longer life. The environment is much like a human body. We should prevent the accumulation of wastes and keep Weston clean which makes a healthy environment. Throwing waste products such as plastic cans, wrappers and many more things in the parks, gardens and other places can degrade the environment. These plastic items do not decompose and

will lead to degradation of the soil and thus the environment. It is important to avoid throwing waste products in the public places and people should use trash bins to save the environment and preserve it. The City of Weston has provided trash cans throughout the City to attack this problem. Removing dog droppings is also a problem and the City has installed at least four stations for people walking their dogs and needing help.

* As the present generation residents have availability of everything in hand. If we keep using everything in such large quantities and thus keep destroying our natural landscapes, etc., then future generations will never have any idea about of Weston’s history, or culture and they will also be devoid of our natural scenery. Weston residents should keep the city clean, so that future generations can also have access to our history and natural beauty.

* Creating a clean and welcoming town can attract new residents and perhaps new businesses. New businesses in a city not only leads to economic growth but is also beneficial in many other aspects. It lowers the taxes, local labor can be trained which will help them in the long run and many more benefits are provided by the companies. Keeping Weston clean is just one aspect to attract companies. If more people are employed, this will reduce the rate of poverty and will increase the rate of literacy and will thus lead to the growth of the city both economically and socially.

* Weston has already been honored as the safest city in West Virginia, but the goal is to make our city to be best in all spheres, whether it is more employment opportunities, increased literacy rate, decreased poverty rate, or better employment opportunities. To achieve this, we have to take initiative and beautify the area, plant trees, avoid throwing waste and create awareness among people about the benefits of having a clean city and thus creating pride in Weston.

* Keeping Weston clean will impart a civic sense which will help Weston in the long run to achieve something important. It not only modifies character for the good but also imparts good qualities by making residents responsible, engaged, and most importantly imparts leadership qualities. A cleaner Weston is important for all of the residents.

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