Country Music Star Billy Dean Now at Branson’s Jim Stafford Theater

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By John Clise

Faith, Family and Flag!

Billy Dean brings this mantra and his show to the stage of the Jim Stafford Theater with energy talents, charisma, and an enthusiasm that pulls the audience into the show 100 percent.

Guests attending the show not only feel they’ve gotten a great performance, but have also feel they’ve made a friend in the star.

Though larger than life at 6’4″, his down to earth personality makes him an instant favorite with people who haven’t seen his show before and a welcome return for those who have seen him perform.

He shares his memories family and beliefs freely with the crowd often stopping between songs to ask audience members questions about themselves and where they are from sharing anecdotes about his life and career.

The award winning singer, actor and entertainer covers his many hits but also pays homage to other greats in the music business, America’s veterans and shares his personal and professional life with audience members as part of the show.

According to Dean, he started performing at an early age and it just stayed with through high school and, well, into his career.

“My dad had a band and they play every night at a filling station he owned,” Dean said. “I could play three or four chords by the first grade. By second grade I could sit actually sit and play guitar and sing.”

His first official performance was in a local Jerry Lewis Telethon event his dad booked him into when he was in second grade.

He hasn’t stopped since those beginnings back in Florida. He’s graced many stages, appeared on TV, won multiple awards, and now brings his show to Branson.

After starring in Rogers’ Christmas musical in 2013 playing Hank Longley, in “The Toy Shoppe,” Dean said he and his wife Stephanie “fell in love” with Branson.

“My wife, Stephanie, and I fell in love with Branson,” he said. “We moved to Branson. We felt you could do music and have a family. You didn’t have to travel.”

It was the family and career balance he had been seeking out.

“It seemed like a natural fit,” he said.

This is his first season at the newly renovated Jim Stafford Theater. Dean noted he met Stafford, a fellow Florida native four years ago and got an offer three years ago to come to his theater to perform. Dean said this year seemed like the year for a change.

Billy Dean performs with his daughter, Hannah, as part of his show at the Jim Stafford Theater in Branson, Mo. Photos by John Clise

Billy Dean performs with his daughter, Hannah, as part of his show at the Jim Stafford Theater in Branson, Mo. Photos by John Clise

Dean continues to offer a family affair with his wife and daughter taking part in the show.

His daughter Hanna, who currently attends college, pursuing a degree in the medical field,  is part of the show performing her own songs as well as playing keyboards with the Steel Horses band backing her dad.

Stephanie takes care of sales, and is quite clearly a favorite of folks attending the show. People flock to Stephanie at intermission to buy merchandise and talk to her about the show. Dean also poses for pictures and signs autographs during intermission and after the show.

Dean has had a string of country hits from the early- and mid-1990s, the biggest of which included “Only Here for a Little While,” “Somewhere in My Broken Heart” and “You Don’t Count the Cost” (all 1991); “Only the Wind,” “Billy the Kid” and “If There Hadn’t Been You” (1992); “Trying to Hide a Fire in the Dark” (1993); “We Just Disagree” (1994); and “It’s What I Do” and “That Girl’s Been Spying on Me” (1996).

His career was rejuvenated with the hit “Let Them Be Little” in 2004.

His eight studio albums have accounted for more than 20 hit singles on the Billboard country charts, including 11 Top Ten hits.

Dean had a Billboard #1, in 2000, as a guest artist along with Allison Kraus on Kenny Rogers’ “Buy Me a Rose”, and had two Number Ones on the RPM country charts in Canada.

And to those hits he also adds a number of musical awards including: CMA album of the year for Common Threads, CMA producer of the year ; ACM top new male vocalist of the year; ACM song of the year for Somewhere in my broken heart; and NSAI song of the year.

Dean continues to write and record performing 150 shows a year in Branson as well as going on the road during breaks from the Jim Stafford Theater.

He travels with Stephanie in their tour bus, which he also drives. Dean they enjoy stopping at various state parks and camping grounds during their travels away from Branson.

For showtimes and ticket information, click here.

Billy Dean and Steel Horses

Billy Dean and Steel Horses

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