The Magic and Comedy of Taylor Reed Comes to Life On Stage!!!

Photos by Rod Freeman

Photos by Rod Freeman

By John Clise

Taylor Reed  brings the wonder and mystery of his magic, illusions and comedy to life at the Jim Stafford Theater in a way that leaves those in attendance dazzled and wanting more.

Now in his 12th year in Branson, the former contestant on America’s Got Talent, offers a family friendly show that includes bringing both kids and adults to the stage to make part of the magic.

It was the experience on America’s Got Talent, which Taylor calls the “best decision of his life” that was a major “game changer.”.

Even though he had been performing for several years in Branson, it was the exposure of appearing on AGT that garnered him bigger offers with great fanfare that included 32 billboards promoting his new show. It was a number record of billboards for one show at the time.

Merrill Osmond originally brought Taylor to Branson from Las Vegas because he offered such a family-driven show.

“He thought this would be a great town for me because it is a very family-driven town,” Taylor said. “My show is very family friendly.”

“One of the things we pride ourselves with in my show is having fun with the kids and the adults,” he said.

It’s not just for kids and families. Many couples come to the show on dates and absolutely love it.

“I think it’s a win-win,” he said. “It’s good for all ages.”

His array of dazzling magic and illusions includes one with a bright yellow motorcycle that will leave you speechless. You have to see it and may still not believe it. That’s all that can be said about that particular illusion.

He began his path to magic when his parents gave him a magic set for Christmas when he was four years old. His parents helped him learn of a few of the tricks. The rest he learned by following the diagrams and then showing his parents what he had learned.

“That magic kit truly changed my life,” Taylor said.

Taylor won Jr. magician of the year in 1979 and then in 1980 had his first Vegas deal.

“I knew right there I was moving to Vegas,” he said.

At age 20, three months after he went to Vegas, he got his first real gig at the Sands Hotel in the Copa Showroom, the same place Sammy Davis, Jr. and the rest of Rat Pack had played as had Liberace, Marilyn Monroe, and Elvis Presley, among others.

His Branson show is action packed and non-stop with more illusions than any other show of this type in Branson.

His comedy is family friendly, date friendly, Branson friendly, and includes all sorts of jokes, puns, and chuckles about family, life, society, couples, and just about everything else.

He has a cast of talented dancers participating in the illusions often to the disbelief of the audience when they appear to disappear, reappear,  get cut in half, and seem to be headless, among others, yet Taylor is able to do all of those things including making it snow in the theater.

This is really a show you should not miss when you are in town. It’s really fantastic.

For more information on the show, dates, tickets, and more, click here.

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