(Video and Pictures) Branson’s MDA Walk A Success!!!

Branson MDA Muscle Walk host Deputy Barney Fife aka Terry Wayne Sanders. (Photo credit: Selfie)

Branson MDA Muscle Walk host Deputy Barney Fife aka Terry Wayne Sanders. (Photo credit: Selfie)

By John Clise

Twelve teams and more than 100 participants gathered at Branson Landing to be part of the 2017 Branson MDA Muscle Walk with host Deputy Barney Fife played wonderfully by Branson’s busiest entertainer Terry Wayne Sanders.

Walkers took to the course along the Branson Landing Promenade in-between the shops to great fanfare and well wishes from guests and various store employees on the route.

Qdoba offered free food to participants after the walk, as well as made a $4,000 donation to MDA from a recent store opening in Tulsa Hills, Oklahoma with the check presented by company officials. Watch the video below for more on the donation.

Before leading the group on the walk Deputy Fife said “Give yourself a big round of applause because you’re doing a great job for a great cause.

The weather was picture perfect for the event with sunny skies and moderate temperatures. Participants were able to make a water stop at the halfway mark before returning to the grassy area next to Black Oak Grill and the north parking lot to enjoy the good food from Qdoba.

Participants also enjoyed face painting, the humor of Terry Wayne Sanders and pictures with a number of Star Wars characters.

Sponsors for the event included Alliance Rehab, Genzyme, United Access, Quantum, Qdoba, and Numotion.

For more information on MDA and how to help, click here.

Photos by John Clise

Photos by John Clise

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