Hollywood Favorite Dead Before His Time

Stephen Furst

Hollywood has lost another scene stealing favorite of the big and small scene to an all too common disease, according to media reports. It’s likely you’ll remember this funny man from a number of iconic roles etched into the fabric of americana.

Stephen Furst broke onto the movie scene playing Flounder in the all to famous Animal House alongside the likes of John Belushi, Tom Hulce, Kevin Bacon, and Kim Allen among so many others.

He then moved to the small screen where he portrayed Dr. Elliot Axelrod on St. Elsewhere for five seasons.

he then dived into the world of science fiction portraying Centauri diplomatic attaché Vir Cotto in the science fiction series Babylon 5 from 1994 to 1998.

According to media reports, the actor died as a result of complications of diabetes. Additionally, it was noted he was 40 years old before taking the diagnosis seriously after facing the possible amputation of a leg after getting a serious infection from an uncared for blister.

It was at this point he lost more than 100 pounds and became an advocate for diabetes care and awareness.

He is survived by his wife and two children.


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