The Cat Called Bob Has New Kitten Friends


By The Cat Called Bob

Well, I was sleeping rather peacefully a few nights ago when suddenly I was jolted from my slumber by the loud and frightening meows of scared kittens. Two of them right in the driveway. Where did they come from… I don’t know.

One of the humans went down to investigate and brought them into the stairwell to check these hungry little fuzzballs out. They were covered with fleas, emaciated, appeared to have worms (they did), and one had a severe neck wound (it’s now healing).

They got baths, food, water, warm blankets, and lots of love. They ate like they never ate before. I was watching them from the crack under the door. They were so tiny. They have a grown a little bit. They were scared. They kept looking around until sleep overtook them. They clung to one another like nothing you have ever seen.

They’ve been getting better each day. They went to the cat doctor and got worm medicine and a shot for the one with the neck injury.

I’m not sure what else they got. It was a pretty exciting few days. They are still very clingy with one another, but they are more playful and energetic. They like to run up and down the steps chasing each other.

They also like to sleep a lot. The curl up together on this scratching post thing. It has a big red ball on top it that they smack with their paws. They like to sleep in the scratching post thing. Sometimes they stretch out. Other times they just curl up together and get all scrunched up.

They are pretty cute. They purr a lot when they are getting pets. To begin with they didn’t want to be touched. Not now, though. They love affection.

Here’s a picture of them. I’ll keep you updated on their progress.


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