Hollyweird Is Beginning To Crumble-Editorial


By Jenco Mackey

Even though events that could best be called weird, odd, strange, and even cover-ups have been taking place in Hollywoodland since its creation… the events of the past weeks have truly been shocking to the nation, and has ignited a war of words between celebrities, lawyers, politicians, alleged offenders, alleged victims, and every day people like you and me.

Hollywood is no stranger to shocking events. It dates back to the Black Dahlia murder; Fatty Arbuckle’s fall from grace; Marilyn Monroe’s mysterious death; the Manson murders; the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldberg, and now the lid has been blown off a reported long standing system of sexual abuse by movie moguls, stars and, at this point, who knows who else has been involved in these horrid events.

Careers are certainly over. Should any of the allegations leveled against multiple individuals turnout to be true, then careers should be ended. Jail time is likely in order perhaps even restitution to the victims. Those things, however, will be left up to a court of law.

The biggest battle Hollywood has on its hands now, from a business standpoint, which is what Hollywood is all about, is the public relations nightmare unfolding in front of the world right now.

Each day the list of accusers/ accused grows. Some accusations are fairly recent while some are decades old. None the less, they are all valid.

With TV shows being cancelled and movies reshot there will be another ripple through the entertainment industry as innocent people will lose their jobs due to the inappropriate, sick and selfish actions of others.

How do we explain these things to our children in a way that makes them feel safe and secure rather than frightened and unsure?

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