Prayers for Roy Clark’s Health


He’s been part of the American landscape for more than 50 years entertaining with his lighting fast finger picking, quick whit and down home good nature… and now he needs your help.

Known all around the world, Roy Clark, 84, needs yours prayers as he battles a number of ongoing health issues, according to sources close to the legend.

Though no specifics are being released at this time, insiders Clark is battling several health issues. He could use a prayer from you now.

Most know him from his long running show Hee-Haw. He also had a short stint on the Beverly Hillbillies among other television shows and movies.

As a performer he pretty much owned the 1970s and early ’80s earning comedian of the year honors, musician of the year honors among others.

Clark continues to wow audiences with his picking, singing and comedy. Click here for more on Roy Clark.

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