(Editorial) Hillary Tries to Upstage President Trump But Fails

hillary R. Clinton

By Jenco Mackey

Leave it to America’s former First lady, former senator, former secretary of state and failed presidential candidate to try and throw a wrench into President Trump’s first State of the Union Address by

In a Very lengthy Facebook post Clinton admitted she was wrong in dealing with sexual harassment claims against a staffer 10 years ago.

The post in part said, The most important work of my life has been to support and empower women. I’ve tried to do so here at home, around the world, and in the organizations I’ve run. I started in my twenties, and four decades later I’m nowhere near being done. I’m proud that it’s the work I’m most associated with, and it remains what I’m most dedicated to.

So I very much understand the question I’m being asked as to why I let an employee on my 2008 campaign keep his job despite his inappropriate workplace behavior.

The short answer is this: If I had it to do again, I wouldn’t.

Before giving some of the reasons why I made a different choice back then and why looking back I wish I’d done it differently, here’s what happened and what my thinking was at the time.

As usual her opportunist ways show clear in attempting to upstage the president while trying to look like the “good guy” for seeing the error of her ways.

Maybe she should give the families of those who died at Benghazi the same respect by admitting she was wrong. SHE WAS WRONG.

She should stand up and and finally take responsibility for her lies, deception  and heartless actions regarding the deaths of the victims of bungled Benghazi operation.

It’s time for Hillary Clinton to ride into the sunset and leave the future of this country in the hands of people who actually love and care for this country.

And for all of those praising her for taking this “brave stand” why did it take so long. And why was her statement released just a few hours before the State of the Union Address…

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