#SuperBowlBoycott Begins Now!


By Jenco Mackey

It’s time for us to stand up to the NFL and say no more!

The NFL brought in an estimated $13 billion last year. They allow their players to disrespect the flag by kneeling. They have rejected an anti-kneeling advertisement from veterans. Now they are on the verge of honoring Colin Kaepernick with the Whizzer White Award, which recognizes players for exceptional community service in their team cities and hometowns.

The award is in honor of Supreme Court Justice Byron “Whizzer” White. He played three seasons in the NFL leading the league in rushing 1938 and 1940. During his service in the navy during WWII he was awarded two Bronze stars. He was a true American hero.

Attempting to link Kaepernick to White is an insult to service men and women and a slap in the face to the military in general.

It’s time to strike back against the NFL and it’s anti-military and anti-America stance by boycotting the Super Bowl and its sponsors.

Use this hashtag when telling your friends why you won’t be watching the game or buying any products from its sponsors. #SuperBowlBoycott

The #SuperBowlBoycott may seem like small thing but the more we use it the bigger it will get and the more people will see why it is important to take stand against the NFL and stand up for our military, country and way life.

If the NFL can’t respect our military, country and way of life… we won’t bother watching their games or filling their pockets with out hard earned dollars. Nor will we support their sponsors. Use the #SuperBowlBoycott when posting about big game sponsors you won’t be buying anything from to be sure they understand why their business is down.

Stand up for our military, our country and our way of life! #SuperBowlBoycott

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