West Virginia Needs Your Help to Stop Forest Destruction


Via Kanawha Forest Coalition

URGENT ACTION ALERT: Yesterday, West Virginia Governor Jim Justice introduced a bill (SB270) to open up ALL of WV’s State Parks to commercial logging.

The most important thing you can do TODAY to protect our State Parks is to contact Governor Justice at (304) 558-2000 or 1(888)438-2731 and tell him that you oppose SB270 and you do NOT want logging in our State Parks. You can also email the Governor here: http://bit.ly/2mFmkAy

Then, please take a moment to contact the legislators on the Senate Natural Resources committee and the Finance Committee, where this bill currently sits. Their phone numbers and email addresses are down below.

Our State Parks represent only one half of one percent (0.5%) of WV. These treasures have been protected from logging for over 80 years (after the widespread destruction wrought by clear-cuts and subsequent floods and slash fires in the early 20th century) and in that time have grown into beautiful mature forests as well as key drivers of our growing tourism economy. In 2016, West Virginia State Parks and Forests attracted 7.1 million visitors who spent $226.5 million throughout the state during these trips. Approximately 46 percent [$103.6 million] of this spending was by out-of-state visitors (WVDNR Annual Report, page 44)

Bulldozing logging roads, fouling streams with silt and mud, disturbing the peace with the whine of chainsaws and machinery, and cutting down the very forests that make our state parks so special IS NO WAY TO ENTICE VISITORS TO RETURN.

Governor Justice has made growing our tourism economy a primary goal of his administration, yet this proposal flies in the face of everything he claims to be working for. Gov. Justice and our state legislators need to hear loud and clear from West Virginians and those of you who live elsewhere but love WV that logging our State Parks is unacceptable.

Here’s the contact info for the Nat. Resources and Finance committees:

Senate Natural Resources committee:
Senator Maynard – Chair R-Wayne (304) 357-7808 Rm 206W
Senator Mann – Vice-Chair R-Monroe (304) 357-7849 Rm 417M
Senator Beach D- Monongalia (304) 357-7919 Rm 204W
Senator Cline R-Wyoming (304) 357-7807 Rm 216W
Senator Facemire D-Braxton (304) 357-7845 Rm 213W
Senator Karnes R- Upshire (304) 357-7906 Rm 417M
Senator Prezioso D-Marion (304) 357-7961 Rm 245M
Senator Rucker R- Jefferson (304) 357-7957 Rm 223W
Senator Smith R-Tucker (304) 357-7995 Rm 214W
Senator Stollings D-Boone (304) 357-7939 Rm 209W
Senator Sypolt R-Preston (304) 357-7914 Rm 214W
Senator Takubo R-Kanawha (304) 357-7990 Rm 439M
Senator Woelfel D-Cabell (304) 357-7956 Rm 203W

mark.maynard@wvsenate.gov; kenny.mann@wvsenate.gov; bob.beach@wvsenate.gov; sue.kline@wvsenate.gov; douglas.facemire@wvsenate.gov; robert.karnes@wvsenate.gov; roman.prezioso@wvsenate.gov; patricia.rucker@wvsenate.gov; randy.smith@wvsenate.gov; ron.stollings@wvsenate.gov; dave.sypolt@wvsenate.gov; tom.takubo@wvsenate.gov; mike.woelfel@wvsenate.gov
Finance committee:
Senator Blair – Chair R-Berkeley (304) 357-7867 Rm 461M
Senator Mullins – Vice-Chair R-Raleigh (304) 357-7831 Rm 441M
Senator Boley R- Pleasants (304) 357-7905 Rm 206W
Senator Boso R- Nicholas (304) 357-7973 Rm 441M
Senator Drennan R-Putnam (304) 357-7901 Rm 217W
Senator Facemire D- Braxton (304) 357-7845 Rm 213W
Senator Ferns R-Ohio (304) 357-7918 Rm 223M
Senator Gaunch R-Kanawha (304) 357-7841 Rm 217W
Senator Mann R-Monroe (304) 357-7849 Rm 417M
Senator Maroney R-Marshall (304) 357-7902 Rm 218W
Senator Palumbo D- Kanawha (304) 357-7854 Rm 209W
Senator Plymale D-Wayne (304) 357-7937 Rm 204W
Senator Prezioso D-Marion (304) 357-7961 Rm 245M
Senator Stollings D-Boone (304) 357-7939 Rm 209W
Senator Sypolt R-Preston (304) 357-7914 Rm 214W
Senator Takubo R-Kanawha (304) 357-7990 Rm 439M
Senator Unger D-Berkeley (304) 357-7933 Rm 200W Bldg 1

Craig.blair@wvsenate.gov; jeff.mullins@wvsenate.gov; donna.boley@wvsenate.gov; greg.boso@wvsenate.gov; mark.drennan@wvsenate.gov; douglas.facemire@wvsenate.gov; ryan.ferns@wvsenate.gov; ed.gaunch@wvsenate.gov; kenny.mann@wvsenate.gov; mike.maroney@wvsenate.gov; corey.palumbo@wvsenate.gov; robert.plymale@wvsenate.gov; roman.prezioso@wvsenate.gov; ron.stollings@wvsenate.gov; dave.sypolt@wvsenate.gov; tom.takubo@wvsenate.gov; john.unger@wvsenate.gov

Here’s the full text of SB270: http://www.wvlegislature.gov/…/20…/RS/bills/SB270%20INTR.pdf

This video is also on Youtube: https://youtu.be/QBZUBbMzkaA

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