The Golden Arches Welcome Weed Smokers Here…


Times are changing in the US with the advent of self serve cash registers and the like, it makes sense one mega restaurant would take a pro stance on a coming reality that will change everything for the greener and the munchier.

McDonald’s of Colorado are apparently testing locations for marijuana smoking stations that won’t bother other customers enjoying breakfast, lunch or dinner.

In what the company is calling  “smoking pods”, according to media reports, the pods will contain upper ventilation units, allowing the smoke to filter away from the facility and not enter the actual restaurant. Two restaurants have already launched their marijuana-only smoking pod sections, while 13 other franchises expect completion by the end of the year.

One Colorado resident we spoke to on the condition of anonymity said he didn’t know if this is true but if it is,he backs it 100 percent.

“Who wouldn’t want to blaze with a Big Mac,”he said.


(Editor’s note: We are currently waiting for a response from McDonald’s on the validity of this story. At the very least it seems pretty funny. We’ll keep you updated.) 

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