Flatwoods Green Monster Celebration 2018

Copyrighted image used with the permission of Frank C. Feschino, Jr.

Copyrighted image used with the permission of Frank  C. Feschino, Jr.

By Race Opell

Make plans to visit the Flatwoods Green Monster Museum in Flatwoods, WV, over the Labor Day weekend for the 66th Anniversary Celebration of the September 12, 1952, UFO visit. The museum is located at 338 Flatwoods Corner Road in Flatwoods, WV, next to the post office.

The Flatwoods Green Monster appeared in the early evening hours of September 12, 1952, startling a group of local youths who had been playing at the school playground. Upon investigation with Kathleen May, mother of two of the boys, they found, crashed on the G. Bailey Fisher Farm, what would become a cover up by the U.S. government only to be revealed in the proceeding years after an exhaustive investigation unearthed the truth.  That investigation is ongoing to this day.

The museum, open since 2002, holds the world’s largest collection of Flatwoods Green Monster research materials,  related memorabilia and news clipping from around the world. Many of the items are on loan from lead incident UFO researcher and Green Monster authority Frank Feschino, Jr. Feschino has been investigating the case for nearly 30 years and has no intentions of stopping anytime soon.


“The Flatwoods Monster, a mysterious visitor to earth, is an extraterrestrial reported to have been sighted in the town of Flatwoods in Braxton County, West Virginia, United States on September 12, 1952. One man in particular has taken the investigation into the Green Monster as a life’s mission to discover the truth and uncover the cover-up of the incident…Frank Feschino,” said John Clise, museum director and curator. 


“In fact, until Frank took up the investigation it had nearly been forgotten,” Clise added. “Frank has kept the attention on finding the truth.”

To commemorate the 66th anniversary of the September 12, 1952, Flatwoods Green Monster incident, the Flatwoods Green Monster Museum in Flatwoods, WV, is selling a special limited edition of Feschino’s book during the celebration.

Researchers Frank Feschino, Jr. and Stanton T. Friedman have hand-signed 12 numbered gold,trimmed book plates for 12 books that will be sold exclusively at The Flatwoods Green Monster Museum for this year’s anniversary.  The books are on a first come first buy basis. They will be an incredible addition to your collection.

Additionally, Feschino has signed a set of his illustrated postcards with the 1952-2018 anniversary dates that will accompany each signed book.

This year’s event will include viewings of Frank’s official documentary on the Flatwoods Green Monster sighting, slide shows from the 50th anniversary celebration in 2002 and 55th extravaganza in 2007, and more events are being planned for the Labor Day event as the September 12th anniversary.

bookAs per Frank’s website,  “In the early 1990s, he became interested in UFOs when he visited a relative’s farm in Braxton County, West Virginia. Crop circles appeared there overnight and UFOs were frequently sighted over the area. Feschino documented these anomalies and then shared his research and data with crop circle expert, Colin Andrews.

During that era, Frank C. Feschino, Jr. discovered the infamous ‘Flatwoods Monster’ incident of 1952. He investigated the case for several years, thus becoming an authority on the event. 

Feschino also researched the history of the military’s involvement with UFOs during the 1950s. His investigation focused on the flying saucer flap that occurred during the summer of 1952, which included the Air Force’s flying saucer ‘shoot them down’ orders.” 

For more information on Frank’s nearly 30 year investigation into the incident visit www.flatwoodsmonster.com

For more information on the Festival check back to this link, visit them on Facebook or call 681-533-8458 for more information.

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