More Trump Economics Equals Economic Prosperity For America!!!

Team Trump #MAGA

Team Trump #MAGA

By Jenco Mackey

With the economy booming, jobs returning to the US, and unemployment at all time lows for many sectors of the population President Donald J. Trump is proving why he was and is the man for the job. He has America’s best interest at heart. He isn’t looking to give the country away. He is looking to make it strong and vibrant like it once was before liberals came along with the grand ideas of socialism, new world order and America Second or even third.

Vice President Mike Pence recently pointed out the surging economy at the hands of his boss and our president in an op/ed piece for the Des Moines Register.

“Just look at the economy. Since our election, job creators across America have added nearly 4 million new jobs. This includes more than 17,000 jobs in Iowa, and the state’s unemployment rate is tied for the third-lowest in the nation.”

“We’ve also reached record-low unemployment for Hispanic-Americans, African-Americans, and Asian-Americans, and confidence is soaring for consumers and small businesses. American manufacturers have never been this confident.”

That’s just the tip of the iceberg for Trump’s economic recovery plan for America.

GDP is expected to continue growing, unemployment is expected to continue falling and inflation is expected to remain near the same over this time period leading up to 2020.

Trump making America great again. There’s no doubting that truth.

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