The Fast Fading Clinton, Democrat Legacy…

hillary R. Clinton

By Jenco Mackey,

Conservative Political Columnist

Once thought a shoe-in for the White House by liberals, Hillary Clinton is now sliding rather ungracefully into political oblivion with the rest of the old guard Democratic party stuck in a time 50 years ago that has long since passed and gone. And what can we say beyond…it’s about time.

Watching the Clinton legacy die on the vine is almost as satisfying as watching the Democratic party sink from the weight of its own anchor clipped to its belt made from stubbornness; an unwillingness to change; years of wax building up in their ears; and a general dislike of anyone under the age of 50 being involved in the decision making process of the party.

While the Democrats have locked out fresh blood and new ideas from people ranging from 18 to their betrayed Bernie Sanders who was thrown under the bus at the Clinton’s request, Republicans have done just the opposite. Republicans have not only accepted the ideas of a young conservative generation, they have also encouraged young Republicans to seek political office on the city, county, and state level in preparing these energetic young people to run for national office when they meet the age requirements set forth by the federal government.

The Republican party from conservative to centrist is the party of the future as the Democrats sink into their own self-made abyss unwilling and unable to change.

Hillary won’t be remembered as a great party member or even as a great female presidential candidate…she’ll be remembered as the selfish, self-centered candidate who threw her own party under the bus because of her own exploding ego who felt she was entitled to be president.

Remember to vote in the upcoming midterms. And to have your cats spayed or neutered. It helps their health and keeps you from having too many kitties.


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