This State Is Impeaching Its Supreme Court

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One state is going to extraordinary lengths to drain the swamp as President Trump would say by impeaching its entire supreme court.

According to reports, “West Virginia is in a state of crisis, reeling from scandal after scandal across state government,” House Minority Leader Tim Miley (D-Harrison) stated, “and instead of being in Charleston to help instill some faith in our government, Jim Justice hosted his lobbyist friends at his resort to raise money for Republicans and celebrate the Governor being one step closer to appointing a new Supreme Court.”  A fundraiser for GO West Virginia, Inc., a dark money group that fundraises through corporate and anonymous donors for Republicans, was held at the Greenbrier Resort last night to raise money to support Republicans in the upcoming election. 

 “It seems as if this was part of the planned coup, as the timing of the fundraiser is perfect for the Republicans to celebrate their attack on Democratic Justices of the Court,” Miley continued.  “Republicans in the House tried their hardest to get Republican Justice Beth Walker out of the same charges that they used to vote to impeach Democratic Justices Robin Davis and Margaret Workman, but many Republicans were ultimately willing to sacrifice Justice Walker to accomplish their goals.”

 “Corruption is widespread in state government right now,” Delegate Isaac Sponaugle (D-Pendleton) stated.  “Last night, our part-time Governor hosted mega donors at his primary residence, likely to reward his Republican yes-men in the House of Delegates,” he said.  “This event was held two days after his yes-men dismantled the Supreme Court,” Delegate Sponaugle continued.  “Is our part-time Governor aiming to pack the court with more yes-men? It appears that way,” he said. “They don’t even pretend to be non-corrupt anymore.”

 “West Virginia has a history of being bought and sold to the highest bidder,” Delegate Shawn Fluharty (D-Ohio) stated. “It appears that the most recent auction was for the Supreme Court last night at Jim Justice’s Greenbrier Resort.”

“Our state is facing what is perhaps the darkest time in state government that I can recall,” Miley said.  “There is a general distrust of Jim Justice across our state, as evidenced by his extremely low poll numbers, and West Virginia residents no longer have faith in state government,” he said.  “Hosting a corporate fundraiser for Republicans a few days after the impeachment hearings concluded in the House looks bad and contributes to the perception that government is bought and paid for by corporate interests,” he said.  “The invitation to Republican lawmakers makes it clear that Republicans are stepping in line to cater to corporate donors instead of their constituents.”

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