(Editorial reply) Why Trump Is So Hated… because he’s awesome!!!


By Jenco Mackey

Staff Writer 

(Editorial Note: This is a response to an editorial written by Race Opell regarding “The Problem with President Trump“)

What many liberals consider a problem is what most educated people consider success. President Trump is a success. His masterful economic recovery plan is bringing America back again.

The second quarter of this year, the United States economy grew at a rate of 4.1 percent which no doubt has frustrated liberal leaning Democrats yearning for the days of Obama’s free ride for everyone.

The year before President Trump took office, private business investment grew at only 1.8 percent. In other words it was sinking into a pit with no hope for getting better. Last year, it jumped to 6.3 percent. and now this year it’s growing at 9.4 percent. In other words… President Donald J. Trump has saved the day in America.

Around the world he is standing up for America and telling foreign leaders who were coddled by Obama to suck it up and figure it out on their own… the free ride on the American taxpayer is over. We aren’t going to bail you out any longer.

His tariffs are telling the rest of the world, many of these countries have crippled US exports with tariffs, that the US is done being a patsy for your profits. America is #1 and it’s citizens are the President’s top priority. Making us his top priority is a definite change from previous administrations that sought only “rock star” status with other world leaders.

The real problem with our 45th President is he doesn’t care what other governments think; he doesn’t care what people think of him; he isn’t afraid to speak his mind; he MOST DEFINITELY isn’t afraid to stick up for America; and he is devoted to Not average or acceptable BUT GREAT!!! People can’t handle that.

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