(Editorial) The Problem With President Trump

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By Race Opell

The problem with out 45th President is that every time he opens his mouth he believes what he is saying is true. Or maybe it’s that his devoted followers believe everything that comes out of his dyed orange cake hole to be true. Trump isn’t the first liar and chief we’ve had in the White House but he does seem to be doing the most long-term damage this country has a seen in more than a century.

He made 4,229 false or misleading claims in 558 days, according to a variety of sources. His use of paranoia as a distraction has been elevated to an art form. He has not nor will he ever accept blame for anything.

He has made fun of the physically impaired and his followers thought it was funny. He made fun of a POW and his followers jumped on that train too. Trump himself was unable to serve in the military due to bone spurs.

His economic plan has saved America… yet, he fails to remember what is happening today was put into action two to three years ago as a cycle. We will see the fruits of Trump’s economic brilliance or lack there of in the next two years.

Now he is condemning the death toll numbers related to Hurricane Maria’s devastation of Puerto Rico. This set of lies has actually caused a split within his own party with Speaker of the House Paul Ryan saying he has no reason to doubt the death toll, and Florida Governor Rick Scott coming straight out and point of fact disagreeing with Trump over his denial of facts.

Yet there are still those who will follow Trump off a cliff because he told them it was what they needed to do. Jim Jones and his followers had the same relationship Trump and die hard followers seem to have… they will believe anything he says and do what he tells them to without question.

That’s the problem with Donald Trump.

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