Skeeter’s World Famous Hotdogs in Wytheville, Virginia is Legendary!


“No words needed!,” is how David Taylor described the hot dogs at Skeeter’s Hot Dogs in Wytheville, Virginia. Whether it’s plain, chili, onions, mustard, ketchup… whatever you may want… you’ll get it at Skeeter’s.

According to their website, the original owner of the restaurant known today as “Skeeters” was a  man named Mr. E.N. Umberger. The first E.N. Umberger Store opened in 1925, originally located in a different building on Main St. before moving to its current location at 165 E. Main Street in the 1940s.

​When Mr. E.N. Umberger first started selling hot dogs, they sold for a nickle.  Though the price of a hot dog has changed. the hot dogs themselves have remained the same as the millions that have been sold since 1925.  

The name “Skeeters” came from the nickname given to Mr. Umberger’s son, E.N. Jr., by his mother.  Over the years when Skeeter ran the store, the hot dogs became known as “Skeeter-dogs” and the store became affectionately known as “Skeeter’s”

Located at 165 E. Main Street in Wythville, the eatery offers a breakfast and lunch menu as well as a seasonal menu. For more information, contact number, and directions, click here.


Photos by David D. Taylor

Photos by David D. Taylor

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