Clise’s Cornucopia-How We Should Really Judge a Person


By John Clise

The way we judge people today is a direct result of hiding behind the keyboard and lashing out at people we do not know in real life nor we will ever know in real life. But boy didn’t we just tell them how it is for the Internet to see.

I firmly believe we should NOT judge someone on their religion, politics, skin color, or sexual orientation. You know the stuff we have to wade through each and every day on social media from both sides of the aisle as we like to say these days.

No, I definitely think it’s time to get back to judging a person’s character on what really matters. It’s important to keep in mind what really pushes a person to the edge when dealing with other people and their shortcomings in character or possibly a complete lack of character in some cases.

The most important issue at hand when judging another person is to be sure it is based on their choice of favorite sports teams.

St. Louis Cardinal and Chicago Bears fans come to mind immediately as having a suspect character. Meanwhile, Green Bay Packer fans and Cincinnati Reds fans are of strong and courageous character. Pittsburgh Steeler fans have no character.

Pro wrestling is another area we should certainly judge others with great malice. If you think today’s wrestling is better than the wrestling of the 1970’s and early ’80s… don’t even speak to me. Don’t even move on to my street. It will be a Pier Six Battle Royal Loser Leave Town No Time Limit No Disqualification event and you better believe Katie will bar the door.

Here are a few other areas to judge people on the true grit of their character.

People who mow their grass on Saturday morning or Sunday morning are questionable at best, as are people who cut the grass more than once a week.

People who mistreat any animal for any reason have no character and should be treated as such.

People who can’t take a joke about driving a Ford or a Chevy… they probably drive a Dodge and should be avoided at all costs. They just aren’t worth the effort.

People who don’t like to fish… don’t even get me started on those sorts of people.

Here’s a few things that get lost a lot of the time when judging people solely on their political party affiliation… are they honest, hardworking, punctual, dedicated, and those sorts of things that make a person a counted on friend and/or coworker. Or do they show up 10 minutes late for work, not showered and complaining about their car (probably a Dodge) not starting and have to leave 20 minutes early because for the 14th day in a row because they don’t have a babysitter.

Additionally, and finally, the kind of beer a person drinks says a lot about their character. If it ends in any form of “lite” move along. If it ends in Old Milwaukee, Stroh’s, Schaefer’s, PBR, or any other fine American beer from the 1970’s,  please feel free to join me for a cookout… steaks, not frozen hamburger patties or tofu burgers or any of that other crap. Real American red meat.

Take it for what it’s worth people. I’m just a guy making some jokes.


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