(Editorial) Vote! Just Vote! I Repeat Vote!!!


By Jenco Mackey

Tomorrow we have a chance to make our voices heard in a positive, actual manner by voting. That is our right and responsibility as Americans regardless of religious beliefs, sexual orientation, party affiliation, culture upbringing, or anything else.

I, myself, am a Republican. Always have been. Likely always will be. It’s not because I’m a raging racist, homophobic, religiously intolerant, or afraid of a caravan of sad refugees two months away from the southern border seeking only a better life. Washington’s power hungry, closed minded dullards on both sides of the aisle scare me. Vote them all out. I honestly do not care what people do or how they live their lives as long as it remains within the limits of the law.

I don’t mind social programs intended to help people get a hand up or to get a new start in life. I believe those programs are wonderful when used properly. I think five generations of one family under one roof all on welfare is a despicable waste of funds that could be used for  people who actually want a better life not a hand out. I also say cut the freeloaders off.

Voting is the only way to be heard. You can waste time fighting with people on social media to no avail. It will change nothing. Get to the polling place and make your voice heard. Vote your party line, vote your morals, vote facts, vote for a friend of a friend… just get out and vote. Make a difference in the United States by voting. And remember, don’t vote out of fear of hyped up make believe invasions. You are in no danger. No one is in danger in the US.

Don’t protest vote because that wastes a vote and helps whomever you loathe get elected. I’m sure all the Democrats who voted for Libertarians and Green party candidates are kicking themselves in their own butts for their “protest” now.

And if you choose not to vote at all, like my grandma said: Shut your damn mouth and sit in the corner until you know better.


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