(Pictorial) Amazing Views of the Petrified Forest


All Photos by David D. Taylor

Petrified Forest National Park is an American national park in Navajo and Apache counties in northeastern Arizona. Named for its large deposits of petrified wood, the fee area of the park covers about 230 square miles (600 square kilometers), encompassing semi-desert shrub steppe as well as highly eroded and colorful badlands, according to our friends at Wikipedia.

Our roving travel photographer David D. Taylor spent some time in the Petrified Forest National Park and found the experience to be “exhilarating.”

Interesting facts about the Petrified Forest its being  known for its fossils, especially fallen trees that lived in the Late Triassic Period, about 225 million years ago. The sediments containing the fossil logs are part of the widespread and colorful Chinle Formation, from which the Painted Desert gets its name.

According to the park’s website, humans have been living and working in the Painted Desert for the last 13,000 years. Petrified Forest National Park protects hundreds of significant archeological sites. The record of human occupation ranges from small single-room field houses to villages where hundreds of people lived. Phenomenal rock art sites are scattered throughout the park.

Averaging about 5,400 feet in elevation, the park has a dry windy climate with temperatures that vary from summer highs of about 100 °F to winter lows well below freezing, according to Wiki.

“It’s definitely a great experience,” Taylor said. “I loved it.”

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