The Cat Called Bob Talks Fall and Falling Leaves

The cat called Bob 2

By the Cat Called Bob

I’ve been perched in the window lately watching the leaves fall from the trees to the ground.

It’s peaceful to watch them spin, tumble and spiral to the ground. They just seem to fall as the wind takes them without much fight.

After they flutter to the ground, the wind whips them from here to there and often times in a big circular motion. The leaves whip around and around. Sometimes it makes me a little dizzy to watch them tumbling about the street, sidewalk and grass.

There have been yellows,reds, oranges, a few brown ones.

The brown ones kind of look like the same color as paper bags from the grocery store. My human parents save these paper bags for something. For what, I’m really not sure.

I only mention paper bags because I was hiding in one the day. I hid in it all afternoon. No one bothered me at all. It was very comfortable in there. It also seemed a little warmer.

Maybe that’s why they keep them. Hiding places for me.

I’d better get back to my window. I see the sun peeping out of the clouds. I like the sunshine on my face. Do you?

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