Trump Doubles Down After Midterms

By Jenco Mackey

As expected, President Donald Trump is taking care of business in Washington to ensure the next two years don’t get away from the past two years of success for his administration.

Trump isn’t much concerned with losing the Congress as the Republicans picked seats in their Senate stronghold.

At the top of his list of priorities cutting the deadwood out by asking for the resignation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions. The former AG fell out of favor with Trump over recusing himself from the Russia investigation.

He’s steadfastly and without apology still pursuing avenues to stop the immigrant caravan from entering the US at any cost even threatening more aggressive military action against the alleged “migrant invasion.”

He openly criticized Republican candidates who lost their races for not fully embracing him throughout the election cycle.

Trump took credit for stopping the “Blue Wave” through his campaign efforts for others.

Additionally, he took no responsibility for reckless social media posts that may have made the process more difficult for candidates in more moderate areas with constant negativity towards women, Democrats, immigrants, his own administration, and the Republican party establishment.


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