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Congressman Grilled over Healthcare Vote


Charleston, W.Va. – Jack Deskins, a father of four in the Charleston area, questioned Congressman Alex Mooney during a keynote speech he gave this afternoon at the “West Virginia on the Rise: Rebuilding the economy, Rebuilding lives” conference sponsored by the American Conservative Union Foundation and Cardinal Institute in Charleston. …


Rhinestone Cowboy Singer Dead At 81

Glen Campbell

Selling more records than the Beatles to starring with John Wayne to being a household name for nearly 50 years, the world said good bye to an icon in Americana with the passing of this great legend. Glen Campbell, the indelible voice behind 21 Top 40 hits including “Rhinestone Cowboy,” …


Movie Legend Dead at 89


An Oscar winner and well known television actor left an indelible mark on his craft has passed away, according to his publicist and multiple news media outlets. Martin Landau, most closely associated with scene-stealing character turns in such films as “North by Northwest,” “Crimes and Misdemeanors” and “Ed Wood” as …


Help Us Name These Kitties


Two new friends need names. (posting for a friend) Here are some choices 1. Starsky & Hutch 2. Jay and Silent Bob 3. Thelma and Louise 4. Dude and Sweet 5. Stripes and Blinky 6. Naomi and Lurlene 7. Dr. Donna and Rose Tyler 8.Phil Lynott and Brian Downey 9.Sunshine …


Toby Keith’s Family in Horrific Car Crash


Toby Keith got some horrible news over the July 4th holiday regarding a horrific crash involving an alleged drunk driver and members of his family including his daughter and grandchild. According to media reports, Toby Keith‘s daughter and her entire family are lucky to be alive after a drunk driver plowed …


Flesh Eating Bacteria Warning Issued Here


It’s horrifying as any terror-filled movie, unfortunately this is a true story and is developing here as a flesh eating bacteria is on the loose. It has been found in water samples, and could be hosting in living beings now. According to media reports, health officials in Alabama are warning …


Post Presidential Honor Coming For Obama


Post presidential accolades are nothing new for American presidents. Some are recognized more than others. Former President Barrack Obama is set to receive an honor in the state he served as both a state and US senator. According to media reports, the Illinois State Senate voted in favor a resolution passed …