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California Death Row Inmates Commit Suicide


California, which hasn’t executed an inmate since 2006, has had two death row inmates die within hours of one another, according to a press release from the California Department of Corrections and rehabilitation. SAN QUENTIN – California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation officials are investigating the deaths of two condemned …


Marijuana Is On the Ballot in Four States

Medical Marijuana

Seeking relief from a variety of conditions and illnesses, including epilepsy, PTSD, cancer, glaucoma, chronic pain, among others,  many sufferers in four states will see the benefits of marijuana as a medical treatment rather than a crime. Voters in Utah and Missouri will choose whether patients should gain access to …


(Pictorial) Amazing Views of the Petrified Forest


All Photos by David D. Taylor Petrified Forest National Park is an American national park in Navajo and Apache counties in northeastern Arizona. Named for its large deposits of petrified wood, the fee area of the park covers about 230 square miles (600 square kilometers), encompassing semi-desert shrub steppe as well as highly eroded and colorful badlands, according to our friends at …


Old, White and Not Republican

John Clise

  By John Clise I get accused of being a Republican often. I can assure you that I am not. Maybe it’s because I’m a white male in my 50s. I’m 53. I’m not sure that’s old but it’s probably getting there. I realized on November 4, 1980, the day …