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Hollywood Mourns Superman’s Leading Lady

Noel Neill--Lois lane

Hollywood mourns the loss of an actress anyone over the age of 35 will remember for iconic appearances as Superman’s one and only love interest spanning 50 years. According to media reports, Noel Neill, the petite film and television actress who played Lois Lane in 1940s “Superman” movie serials and on …


Mystery Blast Sparks Fear

A mystery explosion has left this community in fear as to where to step next and if there is any safe place for them to step at all after a mystery explosion left one man seriously injured and several other very shaken up. According to reports, a college student stepped on a …


Hollywood Blockbuster Director Dead

Michael Cimino

By Dusty Shelf In a career that netted him fice Oscars, blockbusters, fame fortune and eventually grand failure, Hollywood mourns the loss of one of its own with the passing this director at age 77. According to reports, Michael Cimino, who won Oscars as director and a producer of “The Deer Hunter” …