A New Kitten… Again!!!

Cat called bob 9-26-16

By The Cat Called Bob So I was minding my own business taking a nap in the sun after a quick afternoon snack when suddenly I was jarred from my peaceful feline slumber by a teeny tiny little fuzzball missile that had launched itself at me… violently I must say. …


This State Is Impeaching Its Supreme Court

A Jim Justice

Staff Photo One state is going to extraordinary lengths to drain the swamp as President Trump would say by impeaching its entire supreme court. According to reports, “West Virginia is in a state of crisis, reeling from scandal after scandal across state government,” House Minority Leader Tim Miley (D-Harrison) stated, …


Alex Jones shunned on Social Media


By Jenco Mackey  One of conservative talks most polarizing figures has been banned from several social media outlets due to what has been deemed in broad terms unsuitable content. Jones, who is no stranger to controversy, got the news, according to reports that he had been removed from Facebook, Youtube and …