Hollywood Beauty, Icon Dead

Rita Gam

Hollywood has lost another glamorous starlet of the golden age of movies. In a time when Hollywood beauties were nothing but classy and the cream of the crop, this lady took it to a new level. According to reports, Rita Gam, a glamorous actress who starred in such exotic films as …


Rockford Files Star Dead!!!


One of the most iconic shows of the 1970s, and perhaps the history of TV has lost a star. The Rockford Files brought a new kind of cool to TV cop show and made took the detective from the untrained buffoon to the coolest guy on the street with no …


’80s TV Star Dead at 66


Fans of 1980s TV lost a legend today. With Roles on the small screen that spanned two decades, this super star has face recognition, but do you recall his name? We have it here. According to reports, Emmy-winning actor Larry Drake, who played Benny on “L.A. Law,” died Thursday, his …