(Video) Our World Of Cats


Here area few of our furry friends. Share your furry friends or other friends with us on one of our social media pages. We’d love to see them. Check us out on Facebook at My World of Cats   The Cat Called Bob and Paws and Claws and Furry Friends

Buddy the Feline Speaks…

Buddy Tuxedo

By Buddy the Tuxedo Cat I’m new at this so bear with me should I ramble a bit in these first few articles. I sure appreciate your understanding. I was living in a feral colony with 30 other cats when we were taken away from our caretaker because a new …


Help Us Name These Kitties


Two new friends need names. (posting for a friend) Here are some choices 1. Starsky & Hutch 2. Jay and Silent Bob 3. Thelma and Louise 4. Dude and Sweet 5. Stripes and Blinky 6. Naomi and Lurlene 7. Dr. Donna and Rose Tyler 8.Phil Lynott and Brian Downey 9.Sunshine …