Pop Singer Dead at 46


With vocals that went unmatched in these days of auto tuning and song writing skills that  evoked images and emotions this leader singer was more than just another entertainer. Dying suddenly at 46, Dolores O’Riordan, lead singer and primary songwriter for the Irish band The Cranberries leaves a legacy fraught with …


Celebrity Deaths for November 27, 2017


Some you know, others you may not know by name. November 27 Cristina Stamate (ro), 71, Romanian actress.[1] Loïc Bouvard, 88, French politician, MP (1988–2012).[2] José María Romero de Tejada (ca), 69, Spanish prosecutor, Attorney General of Catalonia (since 2013).[3] November 26 Oscar Alem (es), 76, Argentine pianist and composer.[4] Paul Boccara (fr), 85, French economist and politician.[5] …


Prayers for Roy Clark’s Health


He’s been part of the American landscape for more than 50 years entertaining with his lighting fast finger picking, quick whit and down home good nature… and now he needs your help. Known all around the world, Roy Clark, 84, needs yours prayers as he battles a number of ongoing health …


Breaking News!!! Charles Manson Dead at 83


  After several illnesses this year, Charles Manson, has died at 83, according to media reports. Manson, cult leader behind the Tate-Labianca murders, was hospitalized in January for multiple health issues.  Manson had been rushed to a Bakersfield, California hospital earlier this month. Details of his cause of death as of yet …


Toby Keith’s Family in Horrific Car Crash


Toby Keith got some horrible news over the July 4th holiday regarding a horrific crash involving an alleged drunk driver and members of his family including his daughter and grandchild. According to media reports, Toby Keith‘s daughter and her entire family are lucky to be alive after a drunk driver plowed …


This Day Is Huge For Elvis Fans


Today is a day, so to speak, that lives in infamy with true Elvis Presley fans for a number of reasons. Elvis still continues to ride the dreams of so many fans… some born long after his passing. But this date in history is a big one for fans. 1909 – Colonel …