Celebrity Obits November 8-14, 2018


November 14 Sir Sze-yuen Chung, 101, Hong Kong politician.[1] Alfred Concepcion, Filipino politician, Vice Mayor of Balaoan, shot.[2] Eva Hata [uk], 60, Ukrainian writer.[3] Tim Stockdale, 54, British equestrian, stomach cancer.[4] Sergey Yurtaykin, 91, Russian actor (And Quiet Flows the Don, Unbelievable Adventures of Italians in Russia, The Invisible Man).[5] Zaibo, 62, Malaysian actor …


Trump Doubles Down After Midterms


By Jenco Mackey As expected, President Donald Trump is taking care of business in Washington to ensure the next two years don’t get away from the past two years of success for his administration. Trump isn’t much concerned with losing the Congress as the Republicans picked seats in their Senate …


Famous Last Meals of Notorious Killers


Timothy McVeigh, who was put to death by lethal injection in Terre Haute Indiana on June 11, 2001, for the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing that killed 168 people and injured hundreds more requested two pints of Ben & Jerry’s Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream. Ronnie Lee Gardner was executed in 2010, in …


Woman Eats Own Eye in Prison Breakdown

prison cell

In a complete and total breakdown in prison systems in California a woman has done a horrid thing to herself after being denied prescribed medication, according to reports. After calling for guards for fours and being ignored the female inmate reportedly gouged her out and ate it before guards could …


Marijuana Is On the Ballot in Four States

Medical Marijuana

Seeking relief from a variety of conditions and illnesses, including epilepsy, PTSD, cancer, glaucoma, chronic pain, among others,  many sufferers in four states will see the benefits of marijuana as a medical treatment rather than a crime. Voters in Utah and Missouri will choose whether patients should gain access to …