(Pictorial) St. Louis’ Gateway Arch Is a Panoramic Look at the City

Photos by David D.Taylor

The Gateway Arch National Park, standing tall at 630 feet, formerly known as the Jefferson National Expansion Memorial until 2018, is an American national park located in St. Louis, Missouri, near the starting point of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. The Gateway Arch and its immediate surroundings were initially designated as a national memorial by executive order 7523 on December 21, 1935, and redesignated …


Route 66’s Famous Round Barn

Photos by David D. Taylor

One of Route 66’s most visible and popular attractions is located in Arcadia, Oklahoma. Simply known as the round barn or more technically referred to as The Arcadia Round Barn it was constructed in 1898 by William Odor. It has served the community ever since though not without some bumps along …