Flesh Eating Bacteria Warning Issued Here


It’s horrifying as any terror-filled movie, unfortunately this is a true story and is developing here as a flesh eating bacteria is on the loose. It has been found in water samples, and could be hosting in living beings now. According to media reports, health officials in Alabama are warning …


Post Presidential Honor Coming For Obama


Post presidential accolades are nothing new for American presidents. Some are recognized more than others. Former President Barrack Obama is set to receive an honor in the state he served as both a state and US senator. According to media reports, the Illinois State Senate voted in favor a resolution passed …


This Day Is Huge For Elvis Fans


Today is a day, so to speak, that lives in infamy with true Elvis Presley fans for a number of reasons. Elvis still continues to ride the dreams of so many fans… some born long after his passing. But this date in history is a big one for fans. 1909 – Colonel …


Hollywood Favorite Dead Before His Time

Stephen Furst

Hollywood has lost another scene stealing favorite of the big and small scene to an all too common disease, according to media reports. It’s likely you’ll remember this funny man from a number of iconic roles etched into the fabric of americana. Stephen Furst broke onto the movie scene playing …