Grounghog Day Actress Dies


She was a late bloomer to Hollywood stardom known mainly for her role in the cult classic and iconic Bill Murray favorite Groundhog Day about the holiday of the same name living the same day over and over again. According to reports, Angela Paton, an actress best known for appearing …


“Alice” Actress Dies at 74


The tragedy that is 2016 in Hollywood continues to roll on with the announcement of the passing of another 1970s and ’80s sitcom favorite from a groundbreaking series. According to reports, the actress Beth Howland, who played the often absent minded or ditsy Vera Gorman, passed away several months ago, …


(Video) Beloved Equine Actor Dead At 96


Another beloved Hollywood icon from the golden age of television has been lost in 2016. He comedic exploits with equine co-star will live on forever in memory as one of the funniest and easy going shows of all all-time. According to reports, Alan Young, who played the hapless yet protective …


Legendary Journalist Dead At 84


In a career the spanned more than 60 years, he was a household name showing up for almost a half a decade on one particular news program and made appearances on thousands of other broadcasts through the years. Morley Safer was a Canadian American broadcast journalist, reporter, and correspondent forCBS News. …